In Important information, News, Oddly enough, Sports on January 20, 2010 at 2:58 pm

Today will be the first proper formal with wine this term. The new food and drinks reps Florian and Felix have taken over, so new and exciting things to come. They are also asking you to fill out the food questionaire, so please do – this will be the time you can get your voice heard. Hot sauce/mustard/other condiments on the table? Better veggie food? Better puddings? If you don’t fill out the form and state your opinion, you cannot really complain afterwards!

The bar will finally open today, with James M. as your bar manager.

The traditional beginning-of-the-term karaoke will take place in the JCR Friday this week. Come and sing – should be awesome.

Sara H. has sent around an email about dinner swap with St Catz – if you are curious of whether our food really is up to its reputation and want to do some comparative research, this is your chance. Just email Sara to sign up.

About St Catz – the college football team will play against them on Sunday. Go and cheer, the squad adjoins at 12.45pm. More info from Colin.

And no, the library gallery is still not completely finished… but, work is being done every day, so, getting there. The workers usually leave around 5-6pm, and the library is nice and quiet after that.


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