Film society tonight

In Film society, News, Societies on November 22, 2009 at 4:25 pm

The film society will be showing tonight the Vietnamese “Scent of Green Papaya”, which is described by Wikipedia thusly: “A young girl, Mui, becomes a servant for a rich family. The family consists of a frequently absent husband, a wife and two young boys. When the husband leaves, he takes all the household’s money. As Mui grows up, the family falls on hard times, and eventually she becomes a servant for a pianist who befriends the family. That man is engaged to be married, but he prefers playing the piano to spending time with his fiance. One night, after blowing off his fiance yet again, the pianist sleeps with Mui. The engagement is broken off. The pianist starts teaching Mui how to read. A pregnant Mui reads to her unborn child.”


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