JCR committee elections

In elections, Important information, JCR committee, News on November 13, 2009 at 3:43 pm

The JCR elections will be held this term, with the entire committee being elected. These are the available positions, please click JCR committee tab above for the description of the jobs:

The President
The Secretary
The Treasurer
The Entertainments Officer(s)
The Welfare Officer
The OUSU Representative
The Sports and Leisure Officer(s)
The Newsletter Editor
The Academic Affairs Officer
The Visiting Students Officer
The Public Relations Officer
The Careers Officer
The Environment and Charities Officer
The Food and Wine Officer
The IT Officer
The Bar Manager

The election rules stand as follow:

Nominations will be taken during 6th week.Nominations will close 3 days before the polling date.

Valid nominations shall be displayed 2 days before polling begins, along with the time and place of the hustings for contested positions, which shall be held at least 1 day before polling.

The Polling will happen in 7th week

The President and all other committee members shall hold their posts until the 8/9th week of Michaelmas Term.


Any nomination must be proposed and seconded by JCR members and agreed by the candidate, who must be a JCR member with full voting rights.


No publicity material relating to the elections may be produced by any JCR member. No posters are to be displayed, nor leaflets distributed.


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