Entz preview for the 0th week – read this if you are a fresher!

In Important information, News on September 24, 2009 at 4:40 pm

This is a message from your entertainment Grand Master, the lovely Laura:

Hey All! Are you getting excited about a brand new phase in life or even just a brand new term? I certainly am! We have planned some great ‘getting-to-know-everyone’ events for the first week – known as Freshers’ Week and 0th week, so please come along to as many as possible. If you pitch in straight away it will make a really big difference in how quickly you settle in and feel at home so make sure you note down the events and turn up prepared to have fun…

Tuesday 0th week (6th October)

Ellen and A. Nother will be taking anyone who wants to go on a tour of necessary locations within town, cash points, pubs, Sainsbury’s etc. See the Freshers’ Guide for the meeting place & time.

Wednesday 0th week

This is the first formal of term and will be a real occasion. We (the English 2nd years – Colin, Ellen & I) have planned a fun & not too difficult quiz for after dinner which will be in the JCR. This means that we can carry on having a drink as well as using our brains for the first time this term.

Thursday 0th week

Treasure Hunt time. Get to know the student haunts of Oxford in a fun way by working through clues to find your way around town. See the Freshers’ Guide for the meeting place & time.

Friday 0th week

We are a really friendly college with no stupid hierarchies related to 1st / 2nd / 3rd years. To make this clear we’ll be mixing everyone up in a multi-legged pub crawl starting in the JCR and finishing in a local hostelry. You’ll certainly feel part of college by the weekend if you take part  It’s not only about alcohol consumption so do feel free to take part and drink soft drinks for part or all of the evening if you want – no pressure!

Over the weekend Competitive Colin will be organising games (someone has to take over from Yoav as the Gamemaster!) These will be in the quad, the University parks or the JCR depending on numbers and weather. It will be best to check what’s going on nearer the time but it is guaranteed to be fun with Mr C!


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