This is your two week bell

In Important information, News on September 21, 2009 at 8:22 am


The college will start accepting you back in its hallowed halls on Monday, with most of you assumed to be present by Wednesday. If you are returning, you know the drill – first meal will be Wednesday evening dinner (if my memory serves me correctly, gown not compulsory, but if you have yours, you can wear it if your friends are wearing theirs), and on Friday there will collections. So, if you are new and wondering what happened to the old students, they are all studying. The bar will be open from Wednesday, and Laura and Colin have worked hard to put together fresher’s program for the Oth week – watch this space for more info.

  1. Hello Colin, Ellen and Laura. I will also be an English 2nd Year but haven’t been there for the first year! So I am a senior fresher.

    I note you have Collections on Friday. I am wondering whether Kate and I will be involved in those – although we haven’t covered the same material as you for the first year (we were both at CONTED).

    This is probably not the place for this query but I thought I could at least start here.

    You are doing a great job!!



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