Week 6 round-up

In elections, Guest Night, Important information, JCR committee, News, Societies on June 2, 2009 at 7:26 pm

Only three weeks left, folks! Here are some things that will be going on this week:

  • Thursday will be busy: the HumScis finish their exams, promptly at 12.30, and again you are all invited to meet them outside the Schools – the door they leave through is the back one on Merton Street
  • also on Thursday, the hustings for the JCR president for Michaelmas term
  • the actual election will be held on Friday; this president will, as you remember, only sit for one term, and after that it’s all new committee

Coming up next week: more finalists finish (I know at least Eliza will wrap on Monday, the rest of the theology people along the week, the law students… The traditional big wine society event will be taking place on Wednesday, also the day of the last SCR guest night of the term, so get party frocks and lounge suits ready. JCR guest nigth will be happening on Friday next week; this will be the last guest night of the finalists, so be there to send them off…

…and those of you who know the college porter and keeper-of-the-keys John are aware that he has been complaining the complete lack of mayhem here in the HMC lately. According to John, it’s disgraceful how wellbehaved and mature we have all become.

So, people, to show your appreciation, make some mischief.

Now! Go! Do it! Shenanigans!

That would be all, thank you.


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