JCR meeting

In elections, Important information, JCR committee, JCR meeting, News on May 20, 2009 at 7:42 pm

Full JCR meeting will be held tomorrow, Thursday, 5pm in the JCR room. We know you all are busy, but please come.

One of the items on the agenda will be Karen retiring, which means there will be a by-election (I think that’s the word, but I’m no native speaker) on the 6th week this term. By-election means that the post will be filled for Michaelmas term next academic year, and then a new election again in the end of Michaelmas, when the entire JCR committee is elected.

What else…? JCR photo coming up – you have seen the old ones on the wall, so you know the deal. That will be happening sometime 8th week, hopefully not in pouring rain.

And one more thing. The first finalists (the English students) will be finishing their workload early next week. So, be there to honour yet another Oxford tradition – the trashing. If any one of you feels like tossing a cake on Eastlake’s face, now is your chance. Just do it in a civilised, non-messy way. And even if that isn’t your thing, still go to the Schools, these people have deserved a bit of celebrations.

  1. I propose a Caroline Gregory throwing competition

  2. Hear hear.

  3. Don’t I get a say in this?

  4. The full JCR meeting’s THIS Thursday (Wk7, 11 June) at 5pm. Then of course there will be hustings after dinner.

  5. Thanks, “Harison”! I’ll update as sson as I have approved this…

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