New bar manager and other tidbits

In Important information, JCR committee, JCR meeting, News on January 19, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Ellen Newberry was elected as the new bar manager by the JCR committee on Sunday. In the same meeting the Entz set dates for bops, which will be on Fridays of 2nd and 5th week respectively. The JCR guest night will be on Friday 7th week. No other major events set yet. There will be two further committee meetings and two full JCR meetings this term, so do show up.

The committee is still a food rep short, and while Karen is working hard to find someone, maybe one of you could volunteer? The vending machine will probably stay empty until someone actually takes on the job and makes the order…

The committee is definitely looking into how to get better use out of the college Quiet Room, knowing some of you would like an access to a common room with no bar in it. Also, the issue about suitable pans for the new Warrington kitchen stove was raised – the college should be looking into that.

Library is back in business – for now. The gallery will take a little longer to be available, but at this stage it sure looks promising. The college will undoubtedly send around mail when the new IT room is ready – those who have peeked in know it looks terrific.

Fresh new people have arrived from Boston Law; go introduce yourself and make them feel welcome!


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