Welcome back!

In Important information, News on January 12, 2009 at 10:38 am

Blogmistress’ humble apologies for not updating lately! Hope you are all good and relaxed and ready to kick it.

Hilary extends this year till Saturday 14th of March, and Trinity will resume on 22nd of April. As usually, there will be collections on Friday this week, so not much going on until after that. I believe the college will start providing meals from Wednesday dinner-time – those of you living in have probably got more and better info.

As for the JCR, our parlour is once again available, and hopefully the bar will be open by the end of the week as well. The brand new committee will have its first meeting on 1st week, and some of you have already send some suggestions for the committee to consider, which is a good thing. So, if you have any suggestions or questions, just talk to any committee member, and we’ll look into it. I’ll put up the list of the members sometime soon.

What else? The library should be up and running by this time, even if the underfloor heating isn’t. Warrington should be also done (not back in Oxford yet, so cannot check myself), and with it, the new IT room.

So, good luck with your collections, and see you soon!


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