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In elections, Guest Night, Important information, News, Societies on November 23, 2008 at 11:31 pm

This blog obviously hasn’t been updated in a few days, my humble apologies – it’s been a bit crazy time-wise lately!

But. The full JCR meeting passed the amendments made to the constitution, most important of those being the extension of the committee term. From this upcoming election onwards, the committee will be elected for three terms instead of one, meaning that the new committee elected next week will be in office through Hilary to Michaelmas.

The sign-up sheet is now up on the notice board outside JCR, so if you are interested, get to it! The hustings will be held on Thursday 7th week, and the election on Friday.

Also, the sign-up sheet for the wine society event of Wednesday 26th is now up, limited number of places available. The even will be, as usually, before the SCR guest dinner, and the theme has something to do with French wines. Black tie recommended.  Members £4 and guests and non-members £8.

Also, it’ll be the MCR guest night next Friday, so JCR members are left to theirs own devices dinner-wise.


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