Shaken, not stirred

In Bops, Guest Night, News on November 17, 2008 at 8:35 pm

It’s that time again. JCR Guest night this year will carry a James Bond theme, providing the usual mix of glamour, cross dressing, insobriety and ritual drinking of duck fat. There will be a Martini reception in the JCR from 6:30 PM, artlessly mixed by the boy Singer and I, followed by sumptuous dinner in hall with wine and port and then to the JCR for the usual nonsense until midnight. No smoke machine this time, sadly, after last bop’s ‘incidents’. If you don’t have tickets for dinner yet, they’re still available for the bursary, no tickets required for the afters. I trust you will all dress to impress, as there’s a colourful litany of characters to choose from; Bond, Oddjob, Mayday, Jaws, Blowfeld, Dame Judy Dench…

I have a feeling I know which ones will be most popular. In any event, it’s probably the closest Adam will come to Pussy Galore this year…

Love from your super, smashing, great Entz,

Thomas ‘Xenia Onatopp’ Pascoe and Adam ‘Goldfinger’ Singer


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