From the welfare officer

In Important information, News on November 17, 2008 at 8:49 pm

We all hope that your time at HMC will be blissfully happy, intellectually rewarding and supremely healthy. However life is not always like that. Fortunately there are many people and places ready to help at college, the university and in Oxford city. The welfare section of the JCR website has a great deal of information and links to other sites. These links are intended as a starting point and cannot be exhaustive so do speak to one of the people below. Please don’t hesitate to get some help early if you feel a problem is arising, you can approach me and I will do my best to help myself, or point you towards someone who can:

The Junior Dean can be your first port of call for academic, social or any other concerns. This year our junior dean is Rachel Mazyck.

Your own tutor can be an excellent source of advice and they are usually very understanding. Remember tutors are real people too! It is essential to discuss any academic concerns with your tutor. It is surprisingly common to not feel ‘good enough’ in Oxford, yet usually these fears are unfounded. If you are experiencing health, financial or other difficulties that are affecting your ability to study it is important to let your tutor know as soon as possible and seek appropriate help.


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