Library gallery construction

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Let’s hear from Sue Killoran about the grand scheme of renovating the library, and what you can do about it:

The construction of a Gallery in the Library was part of the original architectural plans by Thomas Worthington who built the original College buildings in the 1890’s.

In opposite corners of the Library behind doorways there are winding stairs that take you up to a landing and a door shaped recess in the walls. This would have been where you would have walked out onto the original Gallery if it had been built.

Our Gallery will be accessed by 2 spiral staircases from within the Library.

The main function of the Gallery is to supply approximately 30 extra work spaces. There is no plan to provide extra book shelving. We have to function as a self-renewing Library with a good policy on withdrawing redundant stock from the shelves.

The wireless network will be available in the Gallery area with power points for laptops.

The steel that forms the framework of the Gallery should go into place in the next 2 weeks, we hope, but we have a delay at the moment. Once the steel structure is in place then the wood can be measured and fitted, the ceilings, new lights and under-floor heating will go in, the stairs and banisters. We plan to re-arrange the staff work area of the Library as part of the scheme.

We will find somewhere to display what plans we have as these will give you an idea of what the Gallery will look like. We are happy to talk to any of you about it.

We are keen to hear your ideas of what should and should not be available in that Gallery area. For example, do you want pc’s available on the Gallery to consult the catalogue? Shall we keep all the printing on the first floor?

The plan is that the Gallery will be constructed off-site and brought in during all its different construction phases to be fitted.

We plan to disrupt the life of the Library users as little as possible with as much of the work as possible to occur out of hours.

The project management plan states that it will be constructed over a 30 day contact time period. We hope to be finished by the end of February and the beginning of March.

We will make sure that the Library is fully operational during the run up to Finals and all construction will stop unless it can occur after 11pm and before 8am

The cost of the Gallery will be met by donation but there is still an opportunity to become involved.

If you wish to make a lasting contribution to this scheme there is an opportunity to sponsor the furniture which will be recognized with a brass plaque as on the dining hall chairs. The book rests and table lamps can be sponsored for £100, the chairs for £300 and the tables for £600. Groups of individuals may club together to raise the money. Please see Sue if you are interested.


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